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Widen Your Audience

Social Media may seem like having your very own TV channel with a captive audience, but it’s much more than that. Expectations are multiplicitous. It is a way of demonstrating aspirations, a way of communicating with those you are close to, and increasingly even a way to complain. That’s why managing social media can easily become a full-time task.

Focus on what’s good for you

It is much more appropriate to look at what you are good at, and what appeals to your audience, than to look at what your competitors are doing. The essence of social media is not to take on more than is good for you. A badly maintained social media channel can mean a valuable customer or customer-to-be feels undervalued, and uncommunicated to.

For many, focussing on a single social media channel may be the most appropriate option. But for others this will be far too limiting.

The power of Google My Business

Such is the power of Google, that to ignore Google My Business is to potentially lose out on an awful lot of custom. Google My Business feeds a great many local searches - and local people are among some of the easiest to appeal to. Of course, if you are an author, Google My Business is irrelevant, but if you offer a service or a product, you’ll find that a lot of people want to find the nearest to them.

Other social media

Google My Business is not a social platform, that’s why Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and others are so very powerful. If you want further advice, give us a call and we can talk what could be good for you.

Managing social media

We can set up your social media channels, integrate them with your website, organise social media advertising and above all, keep them active and react to public interactions with them. And if desired provide monthly progress reports.

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