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There is hardly a part of the web industry that is more mis-sold or falsely promised than in search engine optimisation. It’s wild out there, and we’ve lived through the good and the bad and the ugly since first developing and optimising websites in the 90s. Our ethical search engine optimisation approach delivers results - but what we won’t do is promise things that nobody can deliver.

Be wary of Top 10 results in Google

Sad to say, one of the industry’s worst promises is to tell clients they can get you on page 1 of Google. You need to look deeper into what they are promising because there are an awful lot of pitfalls. If it is through links you can seriously damage your site’s ranking. If it is through optimisation - what keywords are they really promising to boost? The only way to promise a top 10 position for the very best keyword terms is through paid-for advertising.

Nobody wants to be told that may not get onto page one!

So the industry often tricks people through long-tail keyword phrases. An example of this may be ‘small square bicycle bolts in Finchley’. Not a lot of people look for that exact phrase each month! But it is much easier to rank for it than ‘bicycle bolts’ or even ‘cycle parts’.

We promise not to promise you the earth

We promise to give you an honest appraisal of what is achievable before offering how we can improve your search engine rankings. We have helped many clients with hands-on SEO, optimisation action reports and more. Give us a call and we can give you exact examples of just how good we truly are at SEO.

Ways to Optimise Websites

Would you like to be told what you want to hear? Or be told what you need to hear? We believe the long-term, honest approach is best.

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Google Panda

What is Panda? How do you guard against it?

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Google Penguin

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Google Mobile-Friendly

What has Mobile-Friendliness got to do with SEO?

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