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There are many compelling reasons why websites should be mobile-friendly. By far and away the most important are these two…

Being kind to Google

Google dominates search like Microsoft dominated computers in the 90s. It is the most powerful player in search technology around. Indeed, for many, to ‘Google’ is synonymous with to ‘Search’.

Why is this important?

Because Google has decided to separate searches done on a mobile phone from searches done on a larger device. If searching on a phone, the search results you get depend on whether sites are mobile-friendly or not. Try it. Google tells you which ones are mobile-friendly beside the results. But much more than that, if a site isn’t mobile-friendly it doesn’t get ranked as highly as those which are, when searched for on a mobile phone.

Does this matter?

Mobile vs. Desktop usage

On average, UK adults now spend more time on their mobile than they do on a desktop. This is the bottom line. If you want your site to have the best chance of making a difference, there’s never been a better time to have a mobile-friendly website.

The Sien Web Approach

Because our very existence is set up to deliver bespoke, unique and clever websites, we deliver time and again the most appropriate user experience for both mobile and desktop usage. It may be cheaper to commission a desktop only website, but these days there’s nothing to hold you back from having the best website on both mobile and desktop.

Mobile-friendly website case study

See how a site can a mobile-friendly website can suit other sizes also.

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