Email Marketing

Building A Community

What can be better than communicating with those who actually want to hear from you!

Is a mailing list suitable for you?

Not everyone suits mass marketing, but many can benefit from it.

Your website can have a sign-up form to automatically add new people to your mailing list. If your site has a lot of visitors, this can be an ideal way to build up a community of people who want to hear from you.

Some industries are more niche, and mailing lists may not initially seem appropriate for them. Take a web design company for example! Why people wish to sign up to hear news about us? The reality is that if people want a website they’ll contact us, and if they don’t, they’re not likely to sign up to hear news from us. BUT, that doesn’t mean that having a mailing list isn’t useful to us. Each time a client is added to our roster, we add them to our mailing list so that if we have to quickly email customers about a support issue, an Google algorithm change etc., we have the means to get the news out quickly.

Where Sien Web comes in

We can not only manage your mailing list, but also design unique emails for you to communicate with your lovely audience.

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