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Modern hosting package separates Website hosting from Email hosting.

Here are just a few of the reasons..


Data capacity is what pushes up the price of hosting. Websites often don’t need that much data capacity, but emails do. The biggest providers of email hosting - G-Suite from Google and Microsoft - allow 30x more capacity than starter web hosting packages provide. And if you are a charity, Google offers free G-Suite accounts.


Having your website up 100% of the time is something big companies pay a great deal of money for. It involves hosting the website in multiple locations, setting up load-balancing and all sorts. It is way beyond the acceptable costs for most website owners. Even then you sometimes hear of even the largest companies having issues with their hosting every now and then.

So what happens under more normal hosting set ups?

Most normal website hosting providers quote between 99% and 99.9% uptime. That sounds like a lot, but it does mean the more than 8-80 hours lost each year. If your email and website hosting are shared - then both are affected by hosting outages.

Our recommendation

So, for the benefit of lower website hosting costs, larger mailbox size, and better resilience within your organisation, we recommend email and website hosting as being separate.

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