ExpressionEngine CMS

ExpressionEngine was always designed as a modern CMS for websites - unlike WordPress whose birth was to enable people have blogs.

What’s the significance of this?

ExpressionEngine is built for people like us who create bespoke websites for all sorts of clients. It is flexible, powerful and offers much better site security.

Thinking beyond the launch of your website

It is important to consider what will happen to your website after it has been launched. We don’t expect clients to know how the site may change over time, but we do desire to use a content management system (CMS) that would allow them to make changes after the site has been launched. We don’t like CMS that can’t accommodate future plans. Whilst we can’t absolutely guarantee that ExpressionEngine or Craft CMS shall be able to do what clients want in the future, we know they can do so much more than entry-level CMS offer.

We don’t believe in building a website, then rebuilding it from scratch each time a major change is needed. We believe in using the appropriate CMS platform that allows websites to develop in their own ways well into the future - at least until they require a redesign.

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