Craft CMS

Craft is a modern well-supported CMS from Pixel and Tonic.

What makes it exceptional is how configurable it is, how extendable it is and how easy it is to use from a site owner’s perspective.


Craft CMS very secure. Without getting too technical, files are hidden away in places difficult for hackers to reach. Entry-level CMS like WordPress are notoriously insecure. According to WordFence, hackers attack WordPress sites, both big and small, with over 90,000 attacks each minute. Websites that are not secure are ranked lower in search engine results than those that are.


Craft CMS requires PHP 7 whose performance is up to 6 times faster than PHP 5.

Forward Compatibility

When you have a new website built you don’t really want to have it redeveloped six months down the line because it can’t do something new that you’d like to do. This is another big problem with entry level websites like WordPress and SquareSpace. They may be adequate at the beginning but can’t accommodate improvements as and when you need them.

Modern CMS like Craft are very configurable. We have yet to experience a site that can’t be extended in ways a client wishes to.

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